20 Kronen - Faroese Boat 2009

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20 Kronen - Faroese Boat 2009

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DKM hat geschrieben:Faroese boat

New ship coin with Faroese boat

On 2 November 2009, Danmarks Nationalbank issues a new 20-krone coin with a Faroese boat as its motif. This is the seventh coin in the ship series.

The Faroese boat is a light, clinker-built, slender and very seaworthy open wooden boat. Its characteristics include a curved sheer line with a high bow and stern. It also bears some resemblance to a Viking ship. Over time it has been developed into a unique construction not found elsewhere in the world.

The motif for the new ship coin was designed by the sculptor Hans Pauli Olsen, who is Faroese himself. He is also the artist behind several previous thematic coins, including the ship coin with the Frigate Jylland and the Christiansborg Palace tower coin.

The coin with the Faroese boat will be issued in an edition of 0.9 million coins in ordinary circulation.
Proof version
In addition, a limited number of collector's coins, only 1,500, will be minted in the very fine proof quality. This quality is minted using extremely well-polished dies and with extra strokes, which provides a silky smooth, clearly embossed motif.

The new ship coin will be available from most banks from 2 November 2009, when it is put into circulation.

The coin can be purchased from 2 November 2009 08:30 pm
However, the proof version can only be purchased from the website. Owing to the limited edition, purchases are restricted to three coins per customer.
http://www.royalmint.dk/C125714600440F5 ... p_coin.pdf
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