KMS für Kinder 2008

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KMS für Kinder 2008

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DKM hat geschrieben:The coin set unfolds like a picture book, from the stag on the front cover to the medal's happy little beetle with antlers and a crown. The motifs are inspired by animals of the forest and drawn in an imaginative style by the illustrator Cato Thau-Jensen.

Silver medal with space for the child's name
On the inside of the coin set, there is space for such information as a child's name, date of birth and christening date. A child's name can be engraved on the silver medal. The Royal Mint does not provide this service.

Besides the medal, the coin set comprises Denmark's coin series, i.e. 25- and 50-øre coins and 1-, 2-, 5-, 10- and 20-krone coins minted in 2008. This year's coin set for children is issued in a maximum edition of 1,800.
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