Kasachstan: 500 Tenge "Baikonur" 2012

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Kasachstan: 500 Tenge "Baikonur" 2012

Beitrag von justas » 26. Dezember 2012 14:44

Heute habe ich zwei Münzen aus Kasachstan bekommen. :br: :jubel: :bye:

Bicolour (compound) coin circle-shaped is consisted of a ring and a disk. Inner disk is made of tantalum; external ring is made of silver.

Averse: composition of starry sky and two human figures as symbol of unity of man and the Universe; face value “500 Tenge” and weight with metal of the coin “Ag 925 14.6 gr. Ta 26.8 gr.”, trade mark of Kazakhstan Mint, year of coinage in the left sector; inscription in Kazakh and in English “REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN” along circumference.

Reverse: images of orbits of satellites with compounds outline of shanyrak, which is interpreted in nomads world as the window to the space opened for all mankind be Baikonur space centre; inscription in Kazakh , in Russian and in English “BAIKONUR” along circumference.

Lateral surface is grooved.

Fineness: 925 Ag, 14,6 gr. and Ta, 26.81 gr

Diameter: 38.61 mm

Quality: proof
Mintage: 5 000
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