2009 $1 Citizenship Mintmark

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2009 $1 Citizenship Mintmark

Beitrag von Kai » 13. Januar 2009 01:09

http://www.ramint.gov.au/images/australia_logo.gif Royal Australian Mint
Celebrating 60 years of Australian Citizenship
1st January 2009
The first collector coin of 2009 will be struck today at 10 am at the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra.

Each year, coin collectors begin to line up from as early as 8 am for the rare opportunity to be amongst the first people in the world to mint the first coin for the year.

The new design for 2009 will celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Australian Citizenship. Sixty years ago in 1948 the Australian Citizenship Act was brought into affect. To date more than four million people have taken part in the affirmation ceremony. Citizenship gives a sense of belonging, a chance to make a commitment to Australia and its values and to share the role of building Australia and its future.

“I am proud to be unveiling our newest coin design which celebrates our unity as a country. By unveiling this new coin design each Australian has the opportunity to hold a piece of history in their own hands,” said Deputy Chief Executive Officer Graham Smith.

The 2009 $1 Citizenship coin design features the smiling faces of the very first Australian citizens in 1949, each as individual as the country they originate from. Their raised hands symbolises their pride in becoming an Australian citizen, now linked symbolically to create the star of Federation.

The collectible coin bears the ‘C’ for Canberra mintmark, which denotes its place of minting. These coins will be the only coins in 2009 permitted to bear the ‘C’ mintmark symbol.

A lucky visitor to the Mint will have the honour of being the first to operate the press, making history and taking home a very special memory and collectible coin.

The first 100 visitors through the door will also take home a special memory - an official certificate proving they were some of the first people to visit the Royal Australian Mint in 2009.

The Royal Australian Mint has been undergoing the most substantial upgrade to its facilities since its original construction in 1965. The refurbished Mint will offer a modern and innovative visitor experience for the 200 000 people who visit the Mint each year.

The Mint is open to the public from 9 am to 4 pm on weekdays, and 10 am to 4 pm on weekends and public holidays, except Christmas Day and Anzac Day. To download images of the 2009 $1 'C' mintmark coin celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Australian Citizenship please visit http://www.ramint.gov.au.

For more information or to purchase this coin please visit the Mint (Denison Street, Deakin ACT) or alternatively visit http://www.ramint.gov.au or call 1300 652 020.

Media contact:
Samantha Engel
0418 164 769
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