25 Euro "25. Jahrestag der Republik Slowakei" 2018

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25 Euro "25. Jahrestag der Republik Slowakei" 2018

Beitrag von KME » 23. Juni 2017 16:54

NBS hat geschrieben:In November 2016 Národná banka Slovenska (NBS) announced a public competition for the design of a €25 silver collector coin commemorating the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Slovak Republic. A total of eight designs by eight designers were entered in the competition. In January 2017 the designs were evaluated anonymously by the Committee for the Assessment of Commemorative and Collector Coin Designs. The expert advisor to the Committee was Matej Hanula, representing the Institute of History of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

The Committee recommended a design by Branislav Ronai for use on the coin. The Committee praised the design for the way it encapsulated the theme and for its artistry. The rich composition on both obverse and reverse sides is well-balanced. The obverse design depicts the Slovak flag illuminated by sun-beams. A composition resembling a bouquet is created principally from lime leaves. A flying bird with open wings symbolises the celebration of the establishment and development of the Slovak Republic. The reverse depicts the globe with meridians and parallels and a relief map of Europe with the outline of Slovakia. On the left is a sector of the sun with a symbolic relief of a sunflower.

Although the Committee recommended this design for the coin, the governor exercised his right under the terms of public competition which allow him to decide differently from the Committee's recommendation, and with authorization from the Bank Board of NBS he decided to approve the design by the artist Pavol Károly. The obverse side symbolises the establishment of the Slovak Republic by the transformation of the Czechoslovak flag into the Slovak one in a bow composition surmounted by Bratislava castle. In the lower part of the bow are pictures of the Charles Bridge in Prague and the mountain Kriváň in the High Tatras as symbols of Czecho-Slovakia. On the reverse, the bow formed by the flags is turned into an arch symbolising a gateway to Europe. It expresses the integration of Slovakia, represented by its map, into the European Union. The integration into the euro area is represented by the symbol of the euro with European stars in the upper part of the gateway.

Both designs were awarded a reduced first prize in the competition. No second or third prize was awarded.
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Re: 25 Euro "25. Jahrestag der Republik Slowakei" 2018

Beitrag von scinkk » 5. Januar 2018 11:39

Number of pieces minted:
brilliant uncirculated quality: 3,200 coins
proof quality: 6,900 coins
Date of issue: 3 January 2018
The Velvet Revolution of November 1989 ended Communist rule in Czechoslovakia and opened the way to socio-economic reforms. It also produced a federal constitutional arrangement which, owing to political differences between the leaderships of its Czech and Slovak parts, resulted in an agreement to partition the country into two separate republics. The establishment of an independent Slovak Republic on 1 January 1993 marked the culmination of efforts to establish a modern Slovak nation and the fulfilment of national emancipation. The new republic joined the community of independent democratic states and affirmed its intention to develop cooperation with them. In the year it was established, the Slovak Republic joined the United Nations and the Council of Europe and it signed a European Association Agreement with the European Communities. Since then, the country has joined the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (2000), the European Union (2004) and the euro area (2009). The Slovak Republic is currently one of Europe's most rapidly developing countries.
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