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Issue plan 2012

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Re: Issue plan 2012

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Hungarian Mint Ltd. hat geschrieben:Pre-ordering opportunity available for the 2012 new issues
The Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Central Bank of Hungary) published its 2012 collector coin issuing programme.
Based on this, the Hungarian Mint offers pre-ordering opportunity for the new items, including coin sets and collector coins. Pre-ordering rules are the same as last year. You can reach the pre-ordering formular at our website or you can ask for it by e-mail sent to
The pre-ordering system is open till 3th January 2012.

Legal tender coins with the inscription Magyarország (Hungary)
According to the new Basic Law of Hungary, the forint coins will bear the inscription Magyarország (Hungary) instead of Hungarian Republic from the 1st January 2012. All denominations are coming soon in a format of a mint set. Please visit our website at 6th January. The first day mint sets will be available in our webshop.


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