2 Euro "Ukraine und Freiheit" 2022

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2 Euro "Ukraine und Freiheit" 2022

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Eest Pank:

Eesti Pank is planning to issue into circulation a two-euro coin dedicated to Ukraine and freedom that has been designed by a young Ukrainian refugee from the war who is studying at the Estonian Academy of Arts. The coin with the special design should enter into circulation towards the end of this year. Coin cards with the two-euro coin for Ukraine should go on sale this summer though, and Eesti Pank will give the income from sales of them to the Ukrainian central bank.

The Supervisory Board of Eesti Pank approved the design of the coin at an extraordinary meeting held this week. The coin was designed by Daria Titova, who is originally from Kharkiv, and who is currently studying at the Estonian Academy of Arts. The designer explained that the coin features a girl as a symbol of tenderness, protecting a bird in her hand. The design also features an ear of wheat. :no:

Auflage 2.000.000 UNC und minimal 40.000 in coincard.
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