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2.500 Kč - 2010 - Michal Mine in Ostrava

Verfasst: 8. Oktober 2010 04:30
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- BU - 3,800 pcs.
- Proof - 9,200 pcs.

Designer - Zbyněk Fojtů
CNB hat geschrieben: Michal Mine in Ostrava on a Gold Coin

6 Oct 2010

The Czech National Bank is today putting into circulation a CZK 2,500 gold coin depicting the national heritage site Michal Mine in Ostrava. The obverse side of the coin shows a composition of heraldic animals and a mining machine as an example of the internal equipment of the mine. The reverse side of the coin features the characteristic hoist tower of Michal Mine.

“This gold coin completes the Industrial Heritage Sites cycle, in which the CNB has reminded the public of unique technical heritage sites in the Czech Republic since 2006,” said CNB Bank Board Member and Chief Executive Director Pavel Řežábek.

The gold coin has a face value of CZK 2,500 and its mintage is limited to 3,800 normal quality coins and 9,200 proof quality coins. It was designed by the sculptor Zbyněk Fojtů, who also designed the fourth coin of the cycle, featuring the Water Mill at Slup, and the sixth coin, depicting the Brewery at Plzeň.

Michal Mine at Ostrava was the first fully electrified mine in the Czech Republic. It is also exceptional because only limited construction changes have been made to it since its last reconstruction in 1915 and therefore its current state is very similar to what it was 95 years ago. The entire site was intentionally left by heritage preservation authorities in its original state so it looks like the people who worked here departed only yesterday, leaving everything as it was, including dirty walls, worn railings and stairs and flaking paint. Michal Mine was declared a national heritage site in 1995.

In selecting the heritage sites for the ten-coin cycle, great emphasis was put on their diversity and on representing various regions. The gold coins gradually issued over 2006–2010 have depicted the Hand-Paper Mill at Velké Losiny, the Observatory at Prague Klementinum, Ševčiny Mine at Příbram-Březové hory, the Water Mill at Slup, the Chain Bridge at Stádlec, the Brewery at Pilsen, the Elbe Sluice under Střekov Castle, the Wind Mill at Ruprechtov, the Hammer Mill at Dobřív and – the last coin in the series – Michal Mine at Ostrava.

The Czech National Bank will stay with the theme of technical heritage for the next five years. A new cycle of gold coins, dedicated to bridges in the Czech Republic, will start next spring. The first coin will depict the oldest preserved bridge in our country, located in Písek.
CNB hat geschrieben: National Heritage Site – Michal Mine in Ostrava
On 6 October 2010, the Czech National Bank is putting into circulation the last CZK 2500 commemorative gold coin from its Industrial Heritage Sites cycle. The coin depicts Michal Mine in Ostrava, the first electrified mine in Czech territory. The coin is minted in two quality versions differing in surface treatment and edge marking. The classic normal-quality coins have fields and reliefs of the same polish and milled edges. The proof-quality coins have highly polished fields, matt reliefs and plain edges. The edge of the normal-quality coin is plain. The normal-quality and proof-quality coins are minted from 999.9 purity gold. The coins have a weight of 7.78 g, a diameter of 22 mm and a thickness of 1.6 mm. As with any other coins, deviations in diameter of 0.1 mm and thickness of 0.15 mm are allowed. Upward deviations in weight of 0.062 g and in gold content of 0.01% are allowed.

The obverse side of the coin features an electric mining machine located in a semicircular segment as an example of the mine’s internal equipment. The mark of the Czech Mint is on the right-hand side of the semicircular segment and the denomination and abbreviated monetary unit “2500 Kč” are at the bottom of the segment. The name of the state "ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA” and a composition of heraldic animals from the large national coat-of-arms of the Czech Republic are located above the mining machine. The Czech lion is in the middle, with the Moravian eagle on the right and the Silesian eagle on the left. The unclosed text of the name of the cycle in Czech “KULTURNÍ PAMÁTKY TECHNICKÉHO DĚDICTVÍ” is written around the outer circle. The reverse side of the coin features the hoist tower of Michal Mine. The year of mintage "2010" is located below the hoist tower. The left-hand and right-hand edges of the coin feature the unclosed text “DŮL MICHAL V OSTRAVĚ”. The initials of the designer of the coin, the sculptor Zbyněk Fojtů, are located below this text on the right-hand side of the coin.

Each coin comes with a red postcard-sized catalogue card. The relief of the coin is dry-stamped through gold foil. The text is given in Czech and English. The card is the same for the normal-quality and proof-quality coins.