Czech banknotes and coins

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Czech banknotes and coins

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ČNB hat geschrieben: The CNB presents Czech banknotes and coins in detail
26 Apr 2011

The Czech National Bank today made accessible an application allowing the public to study valid Czech banknotes and coins in detail. The banknote animation shows in detail the protective elements that allow original banknotes can be distinguished from counterfeits.

“The quality of counterfeit Czech banknotes has long been low, so anyone who has at least a basic awareness of protective elements should spot them. The animation will convince the public that it is quick and easy to check protective elements,” said Bank Board member Pavel Řežábek.

The animation, launched today on the CNB website, consists of two separate applications – one devoted to coins and one to banknotes. Visitors to the website can inspect coins under a magnifying glass and learn new information about them, for example their technical parameters, the names of their authors and descriptions of their motifs.

Banknotes can be studied in more detail, for example, under a simulated UV light, with a backlight, or by moving the mouse to turn or tilt the banknotes and see how their protective elements change. There are also technical descriptions of the banknotes and a summary of the differences between older valid versions and the latest ones.

The new CNB animation presents all the valid Czech banknotes and coins (coin denominations CZK 1, CZK 2, CZK 5, CZK 10, CZK 20 and CZK 50 and banknote denominations CZK 100, CZK 200, CZK 500, CZK 1,000, CZK 2,000 and CZK 5,000).

Marek Petruš
CNB spokesman



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