A History of the Royal Airforce - Gold Proof Series

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A History of the Royal Airforce - Gold Proof Series

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The first coin in your collection features on its reverse the well-known Spitfire aircraft. Easily recognised due to its elegant design and unique elliptical wing shape, the Spitfire is almost certainly the most famous aircraft of the Second World War.

Each subsequent coin features a reverse design depicting a well-known aircraft and shows the incredibly rapid technological progress throughout the last century of British aviation.

Limited edition of just 500 collections
Struck in 22 carat gold to meticulous Proof quality
Collection endorsed by the Royal Air Force
An illustrated gold-foiled Storycard will accompany each coin in the series
A beautiful wooden presentation case will accompany your second coin
The critically acclaimed Bomber Boys Fighting Back (1940-1945) book will accompany your third coin
A Certificate of Authenticity for the entire series, to house the Storycards, will be sent with your ninth coin
The obverse shared by all 2008 Royal Airforce coins features the portrait of the Queen by Raphael Maklouf.
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