Zur Feier des Tages ....

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Zur Feier des Tages ....

Beitrag von Kai » 23. Juni 2010 19:10

Celebrate a fantastic victory!

A great result today, one that we at the Royal Mint are in the mood to join you in celebrating!

With patriotism running high throughout the tournament, we're seeing great demand for our London £1 products, especially our splendid solid gold Proof version.

The price of gold is on a 10-year upward trend and reached a new record high last month, but to celebrate the great win today we are going to hold the price of the London £1 gold Proof coin until 30th June.

Demand is high, so secure yours today by visiting the Royal Mint website and joining us in celebrating the England team's latest success.

Here's to the next round - let's hope we have some fingernails left afterwards!

Yours sincerely

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Dave Knight
Director of Commemorative Coin

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Re: Zur Feier des Tages ....

Beitrag von lurelee » 23. Juni 2010 19:50

Hat aber einen stolzen Preis: 620 £. lurelee


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