15 Euro "Luke Kelly" 2020

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15 Euro "Luke Kelly" 2020

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ronnyboyhh hat geschrieben: 25. Januar 2020 14:02 Collector Coin Programme 2020

1. Annual Mint Set
2. Baby Set
3. €15 Silver Proof Coin to Commemorate Luke Kelly
4. €10 Silver Proof Coin to commemorate Gothic Architecture in Ireland (Europa Star Series)
5. €15 Silver Proof Coin to commemorate Dr Kathleen Lynn

https://www.collectorcoins.ie/en/collec ... ogram-2020
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Re: 15 Euro "Luke Kelly" 2020

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Central Bank of Ireland:
The Central Bank is delighted to announce that the 2020 €15 Silver Proof Luke Kelly coin will go on sale on Monday 24th October 2022 on www.collectorcoins.ie. The price is €64.99 and the issue limit is 3,000. This coin is the final coin in the “Modern Musician Series” of silver proof coins and has proved extremely popular. The other coins in this series were the Rory Gallagher Silver Proof coin (2018) and the Phil Lynott Silver Proof coin (2019). The Luke Kelly coin was originally scheduled to go on sale in 2020, but was delayed due to disruptions resulting from the impact of Covid-19 and operational challenges.

Luke Kelly
Luke Kelly was born in 1940 in Sheriff Street, Dublin. He moved to England as a teenager and became involved in the folk music revival. He returned to Ireland in the early sixties and was a founding member of The Dubliners. Luke Kelly sadly passed away in 1984 but by then he had established himself as a truly unique talent in Irish music and culture. A man known for his pride in his working-class roots, his political activism and his distinctive and passionate voice in both traditional and other songs, to this day he remains an icon both in Ireland and around the world.

This a highly anticipated coin for all coin collectors and is sure to generate lots of interest so make sure to mark the 24th of October 2022 in your calendar to avoid disappointment.

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